Everybody has a certain perspective on things.  Be it something as simple as how to make the best apple pie to why the Euro zone is in so much turmoil.  Whether we keep them to ourselves or share them with family and friends depends on what type of person we are.  We all are, after all, individuals.

That is what this site is.  My views on certain topics that either catch my attention or something I just happened to be thinking about while dozing in my chair (usually with one of my dogs snoring next to me!).  Sometimes the articles may be humourous and sometimes more serious.  I tend not to comment on something unless I have information to support me, however, I am only human and sometimes I make mistakes.  I am certainly not adverse to someone criticizing my opinions, in fact, I encourage it as it makes for deeper thinking and more creative conclusions.  I just don’t really expect them on my not so serious posts.

That’s one of the reasons I have put tags on each post and divided them into either serious or not so.  As you can see from my other sites, especially the Accidental Observer site, I tend to be pretty cutting when I believe strongly in something.  I hope to continue that here.

On my previous WordPress blog, I wrote articles that were personal in nature.  I do not plan on doing that here.  The main reason is that I am depressed and by writing about personal issues, I get more depressed.  The final post on my WordPress site should speak for itself.