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coinsThey say that money can’t buy you happiness but it can certainly make your misery a lot more comfortable!


Money allows you to do things like:

This is my summer house in the Austrian Alps, near Salzburg (the home of Mozart).  Austria House SmlIt’s very comfortable, as you can probably guess and it has a wonderful view over the lake.

Austria Lake Sml





As you can see from the pictures, it’s idyllic.  Stunning scenery all year around (apart from the tourists) and clean, fresh air instead of the foul stuff where I live in the UK.

Does my bragging or showing off trigger any feelings?  Jealousy? Irritation? Loathing? Think that I’m a complete cock?

Unfortunately for me, it’s all a lie (which is another topic I plan on writing about, one day).

I couldn’t afford such a beautiful house in a gorgeous location such as the images above.  I took them whilst passing through on my way to see my family in Italy.  The house must cost in excess of about 4 million Euro’s (my best guess) and the owner must be one very happy bunny!  I would love to own such a house but it isn’t going to happen in this lifetime.  I will never have that kind of money!

Money certainly cannot buy happiness but it can be the source of a lot of misery.  I have been in debt so deep that you would need a pressure suit to see the bottom of it!  It caused me a ton of worry and stress.  A lot of people have been in the same situation; many still are.  Having a ton of money can cause as much misery (this part is all conjecture as I wouldn’t personally know).  Not knowing if your friends were friendly because of your fortune, the same with your partner as well as ton of potential legal issues that can be associated with having a lot of money.  Being hated by the majority of us normal people probably wouldn’t cause any sleepless nights but it could paint a big target on you from criminal elements.

We have all read the horror stories of people winning large amounts of money and their lives spiralling out of control; they end up more miserable than before and often with broken relationships.

I’m no idealist and I could never imagine some utopia where we don’t need money and we all live in blissful harmony but wouldn’t it be nice if everything was equal?  It’s been tried but human nature means that there are always some people who want to be more equal than others! It would never work and there are countries around the world that prove just that.

On the flip side of things, I have friends who have next to no money and are perfectly content.  Not happy, content.  Is that the same thing?  Would they be happy if they had a little more?  I know that we all adapt to live within our means but surely a little boost wouldn’t hurt?  Would it?

Greed is one of the seven deadly sins and coveting our neighbours goods is a definite ‘no no’ in accordance to some list a guy called Moses was given.  That has never stopped me, though.  I guess that being destitute made me determined never to be in the same position again.  I imagine owning a beautiful house in the Alps, sailing around the world on my private yacht or flying to Vienna in my personal, luxury plane.  They are nice thoughts but that’s all they will ever be.  I don’t think I’ll be any happier with all that money to throw around but who knows!

This post reads as if I really want to be rich.  I guess I do as I am sure many others do, as well.  If none of us never coveted riches then nobody would do the lottery or gamble.  Why do I want to have loads of money?  I couldn’t give you an answer because, deep down, I don’t really know why.  Maybe I wouldn’t mind experiencing how the 1% live.  Maybe it’s just human nature to want to be as comfortable as possible.  Money can give you the illusion of being safe, financially, anyway and who doesn’t want to feel safe?  Maslow knew what he was talking about when he drew his triangle!

Money won’t bring you happiness, in fact, probably the opposite.  It doesn’t mean that we won’t stop coveting it but we have to be realistic.  99% of us will never have private yachts or planes and yet 95% of us will live happy lives.  Ok, so I made the figure of 95% up but I’m guessing most of us will live happy lives within whatever means we have.

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