writingHere’s the thing.

I’ve written about writing a few times now so it’s probably getting boring but I’ve been informed that I’m doing everything wrong.  Well, when I say informed I mean that I’ve read it in an article about, wait for it, writing.  All these years of writing my blog and I’ve been doing it all wrong!  Now that’s depressing!

When you pause to think about it (which I didn’t) there are tens of millions of people who write blogs.  There are billions of potential readers.  According to my site statistics, I have just over 500 subscribers of which about three are regular readers.  If I’m lucky!  Only one of which comments on my posts (thank you Tracy).  So what am I doing wrong?

For a start I’m too passive.  Apparently.  No, don’t ask me what it means because I don’t know.  I tried to read about it but, afterwards, I was left more confused than before.  I’m writing a blog not a sales pitch!  But there I am wrong again.  I should be writing a sales pitch.  I should be planning and selling this to my readers.  Apparently, I should be writing to appeal to them, appeal to what they want to read regardless of what I want to say.  How does that make sense?  How can I write what I honestly think whilst trying to appeal to readers and selling them a pitch?

There are bloggers out there who make their living from their blogs.  They get paid to write articles and readers love them.  The articles can be complete crap but because they have established themselves, it doesn’t matter.  They can draw in the numbers and advertisers pay for that.  For me, that’s counterintuitive.  How can you be objective and honest?  That is the million dollar contract, I mean, question.

I read about one writer who used Facebook to advertise her writing, got her friends to get friends to click on her page and eventually, after three years of this, managed to get established enough to make some money.  Before that, she was losing money (she was already rich so it probably didn’t matter much to her).  For the majority of us ‘normal’ people, paying to advertise our blog just isn’t possible.  As writers, we all want people to read our work.  As much as I may protest about wanting to stay honest and pure, I also want a billion readers and regular fan mail (although trying to write a response to a billion users might be a bit of a handful!).

Writing is an art.  Literally (pun intended).  If I want more readers I would have to go back to basics and plan my articles.  No more spontaneous rambling, hoping that the words I throw together actually make a coherent sentence.  I tried planning articles before but it all went wrong.  I would get carried away and the article was never written.  To be more successful, I would have to appeal to all those millions of potential readers, writing in a non-passive fashion, tickling their literary tastebuds.

That is never going to work!

The only other option is to continue as I am and not have many readers, no fans, no fan mail, no ego boosting comments.  Ok, never mind the latter, I’ve never had one anyway so you can’t miss what you’ve never had.  I don’t think that there is a compromise.  It’s one or the other.

I guess it’s just going to be me and my three regular readers then.  Cosy!