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politicsIt may have been mentioned that politics is one of three subjects that shouldn’t be discussed in polite company, along with religion and sex.  I’ve changed my mind.  I’ve decided that I am going to write an article on politics and religion but not on sex.  I’ve no idea what sex is and wouldn’t recognise it if it came up to me and hit me with a soggy sex toy!

Besides that, I’ve never kept polite company anyway.

I dislike politics with an intensity saved only for things I really dislike.  The politicians I’ve met, seen or listened to are untrustworthy, manipulative and never appear able to answer a direct question with a direct answer; they always seem to veer off onto whatever political agenda they or their party are pushing.  It is very annoying.  Although it’s not surprising when you consider that a politics degree is mainly history, philosophy and, wait for it, morals.  Of all the ironies in our modern world, the fact that someone who wants a political degree has to study morals is not a good sign!

The sad fact of the matter is that every facet of life involves politics to a greater or lesser degree.  I have often been accused of not having any political acumen as I tend to speak my mind and to hell with the consequences.  Believing that the whole truth is better than a diluted or softer truth is the height of naiveté.  That notwithstanding, I refuse to change and that refusal did affect my career.  Once you get past a certain level of promotion, you need to be politically astute to manage the minefield of bull that you encounter at the higher echelons of power.  Why?

Politics is second only to religion when it comes to needless wasting of lives.  Some politicians think nothing of sending people to their deaths (Blair, Bush, Hitler, Stalin to name a few) as they sit back in the safety of their own home.  That said, there are plenty of politicians who can just end the lives of people in their own home.  It is possible that the ability to end the life of another human being is a ‘rush’ and the height of power for these people.  To be frank, politics is about gaining power after all.

There are numerous political systems in the world today.  Democracies, Dictatorships, Autocracies and Military Juntas.  It’s unfortunate that people need to be led as those that want or need to lead will take advantage of them.  Politics generally means ‘belonging to the state’ or, from the original Greek derivative, ‘affair of the cities’.  In no way does it mean manipulative, lying, murdering, power hungry egomaniacs but it should.  At least some dictators have the honesty to show it rather than hiding it as many democratically elected leaders do.  Herein lies another paradox.  No democracy is democratic.

Let’s consider some extremes.  How about Russia.  Putin was ‘democratically’ elected, kind of.  Would anyone in their right mind believe that he is the head of a democratic country?  That’s me marked for a polonium-210 injection!  How about Recep Tayyip Erdo?an?  The man that has literally ethnically cleasned his own country, righteous in his own belief and suing anyone he can’t imprison.  Maybe he and Putin should make up; Putin knows better than to try and sue someone, just a dab of polonium and the problem goes away.  How about Mugabe, the President of Zimbabwe?  Forbes has even listed some of the more impressive leaders in Africa and Mugabe does rank amongst them.

Hdr_parliamentEven here in England, the birthplace of modern politics (ok, I have no idea if that’s true, I just made it up and can’t be bothered to research it), our Parliamentary democracy isn’t.  Our voting system hasn’t changed since Cromwell at the end of our civil war (another lie)!  It doesn’t matter how many actual votes are cast for a certain party it depends on how many electoral regions are won.  For example, during our last election the UK Independence Party had a massive number of people voting for them but they didn’t get a single seat in parliament.  Compare that to the Scottish National Party, who got a lot less actual votes but managed to get 56 seats in Westminster.  They shouldn’t even be allowed to have a seat in the UK government because they want to exit the UK!  Non-sensical politics at work!  As I write this, our Country’s leader wasn’t actually elected to be the boss.  Not by us plebs, anyway.

Politics is all a farce; a game played by people I wouldn’t trust to babysit my garden let alone rule the country I live in.  A fantastic example is the current Republican nomination for the presidency of the United States of America, my hero, Donald Trump.  Trump is what I would call a ‘Psychomaninarsegomaniac’.  No, don’t bother looking it up, it’s a newly created word for this article.  Basically a fecking lunatic who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near Washington let alone near a public office.  Again, not exactly someone the Republican party really wants to represent them but he’s running for president anyway.  That’s politics!

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