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About Me

I never know where to begin.

This page is supposed to give you an introduction to me, but how do you start something like that?  I mean, if it were a social gathering and I approached you and started giving you my life story, you would think I was mad.  And then walk away, muttering to yourself about the lunatics in the world!

I am, by design, somewhat mad.  Not mad angry, just mad and slightly out of sync with reality.  That’s a bit ironic seeing as my blog is about reality.  I see things from a different perspective and my views can sometimes upset people.  I don’t mean to be controversial, I just say what I think and then usually write about it.  I guess that’s part of an introduction; at least you know where you stand now.

I used to be a prolific writer.  I am ill and sometimes I am unable to do very much of anything apart from drool and doze off – not necessarily in that order!  I still think about writing and sometimes sit and write articles in my head, only to forget them an hour later!  I started to use a notebook to keep track of my thoughts, but kept on forgetting where I left it!!  Pretty pathetic really!

I served in the British Army for nearly twenty three years and only left because I got hurt and became disabled.  I have traveled the world and seen the worst of what mankind can do; to each other and to their countries.  I have been horrified by sights that should never be seen and humbled by sights that aren’t seen enough.  I have met people from different cultures and beliefs and taken an interest in them all.  I am naturally curious.

I had previous blogs, one with WordPress and the other with Blogger.  Both sites are linked on the menu and if you would like to understand a little about how I think and see things then I would recommend visiting them and having a good read.

I decided to start blogging on my own website mainly because I was rapidly running out of space on WordPress.  Also, I didn’t like them using my blog for advertising.  I cannot stand it when an advert ruins a page and so I will strive to ensure that doesn’t happen here.  I doubt that I will write as much as I used to but I will do my best.  I hope you enjoy what I write and recommend me to others.  I look forward to any and all comments and will reply to all.  I am not the type of person that believes that they know everything and their way is the right way.  I love to learn and if I make mistakes, I will learn from them.

That’s enough from me.  You haven’t really learned much about me but you should have an inkling of what to expect from this blog.  I think that by reading my scribblings you may get a deeper insight into who I am.

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  1. Hiya mate,
    Just proving that a; I can read and b: I can still type. Something to suprise you I’m sure. An excellent letter by the way, really impressed. Made far more of an impact than my third person one; I speak Aussie now so that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!!!
    We think of you often and I just hope that life starts smiling on you two; you both deserve some lady luck. We are still making plans to come over next Christmas and will defiantely take the time to see you both come what may. I may even be nice to you. Give our love to her indoors, and hang in there mate; your a star.

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