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It’s strange but I have just realised something.  After writing on my own site as well as the others (listed on the links) for over a year now, I have never sat down and actually planned an article.  I have written it as I thought it.  The ones that I did sit down and think about have never been completed and lie in the netherweb, unloved and unfinished.

This may explain why my writing is somewhat erratic and sometimes loses the plot (a lot like me in many ways!).  I keep wondering what makes a writer a good writer and I bet none of them just sit down in front of the keyboard and just type about something until they can’t think of anything else to say.  Unfortunately, that means I am never going to be a good writer.

I suppose I can blame my condition for this as my moments of lucidity are few and I try and make the most of them.  If I sat down and planned something, I would only waste time going over my notes trying to remember what the aim was.  By the time I remembered, I would probably be lapsing back into my drug induced reality and the opportunity would have been lost.

So, something to bear in mind I think.  It’s only fair to inform you of this and all I can do is assure you that I will try and do better.  I always do!


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  1. Jim you are the best x

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