14170018-grunge-rubber-stamp-with-plane-and-the-text-air-mail-par-avion-written-inside-the-stampTo post or…. not to post?

With my dwindling readership barely breaking into twin figures, I wonder why I bother?  Originally, when I had a page hosted by WordPress, I had a lot of readers and there were always comments on my posts.  Nowadays, I get a trickle of readers who, for the most part, probably aren’t too interested in my posts.

Being housebound it’s difficult to write about a quite boring life.  The only source of news I have is the media and so, in my not so infinite wisdom, I thought that I would keep the posts topical with news from around the world.  Surely people would want to read that?  Well, erm, actually, no they don’t.  From what I can gather, people are more interested in what is happening to me, personally.  That’s where I kinda hit a brick wall.  I don’t really have a personal life as such and what I have is so boring I would fall asleep reading it.  So the question really is, to post or not to bother anymore?

This post was going to follow my usual lines of something topical.  I was considering the deadlock in American politics and how it proves that a democracy (and I use that word lightly) can consist of only two parties who are so diametrically apposed to one another, the US Government is closed for business.  So, why do they have a President if congress can basically tie his hands and he becomes powerless, unless there is a war and he gets to launch nukes!  I have to admit that that bit is kinda cool, but then again, fortunately, I’m not the President of the Un-United States of America!

I considered writing about the recent ship wreck off the coast of Italy and the plight of those trying to enter Europe for a better life.  Have they not seen any news about Europe?  A better life?  The only thing we aren’t doing at the moment is fighting with each other although Greece may try and kick things off if their ultra right wing political party gains any more support.  But then again, Greece doesn’t have the Spartans any more and would probably fold when faced against a four year old with a water pistol.

So, that American politics out, recent disaster out, Greece out (and maybe they soon will be!), Syria has been written about so much there isn’t much I could add to make it interesting and nobody is talking about Iran because Israel thinks it’s a ploy.  They do have a point, thought.  Those sneaky Persians.  Maybe they will take care of Greece for us and while they are at it, they may as well finish off the job in Turkey!  What does that leave?

I’ve mentioned it before and I am going to mention it again.  Writing a blog isn’t easy.  Maybe the people who search out such sites are fed up with current affairs and want to read about the sleazy real affairs going on in some people’s lives?  I don’t know, I don’t read them!  How’s that for irony.  Anyway, I guess that makes me a washed out blogger who may as well pack up his laptop and stop making annoying posts on Facebook every time I have managed to string a few word together to form a semi coherent sentence.

Talking of which, I was listening to a speech about how the competent use of the English language leads to empowerment and that street slang diminished the individual, they are denying themselves a chance to make something of themselves other than the police most wanted list.  It was an interesting piece and would merge well with a piece by Will Self who was exuding the wonders of an erudite knowledge of the English language.  But I guess people wouldn’t be interested in that either.  It’s not personal enough.

Well, that doesn’t leave a lot of room for me.  I’m a wasn’t-even-a-has-been.  I can’t even brag about the good old days when my readership couldn’t wait for my next post, anticipating my unique outlook on life, the universe and everything (it’s 42+1 by the way, the mice had it wrong!), laughing out loud (lol for my younger viewers) at my subtle jokes and my cutting sarcasm.  It never happened.  Nobody understood my jokes and I couldn’t even manage the slightest bit of sarcasm even if I had read a book of sarcastic comments for the casual blogger, as if real life (rl) isn’t sarcasm in itself.

It’s fortunate that I can fall back on other pastimes to while away my time, such as needlework and roofing.  I can run out into the fresh air and embrace the world, or maybe not.  Maybe wheel myself slowly, if I am allowed to and they’ll be no embracing of anything.  That’s far too personal and I’m British, after all!

Isn’t it fortunate that I still have two years left on the lease of this website!  That means I can type away, blurting out whatever spasmodic thought massages my limited neurons, continuing my fight against this fascist American spell checker and continuing to be amazed that the stupid thing doesn’t even have neurons in it’s dictionary!  I might even make stuff up, like some tabloids would never do!  Garner a larger readership by choosing the right tags such as ‘sexy blonde’ or ‘ravishing plant life’.  Spice things up a bit with ‘Basil’, ‘Paprika’ and maybe even ‘Oregano’!  The world is at my fingertips, unfortunately they are all blind at the moment.

So, to post or…. stop spouting nonsensical rubbish that the same four year old with the water pistol that defeated the imaginary Greek army would be ashamed of.  I’m better than that, I’m British!  Mind you, that could change next year to, I’m kinda English but not quite.  Doesn’t have that same ring to it, does it?

Well, the drugs are kicking in and my delusional tirade must come to an end.  Trying to think about something to write isn’t as easy as you think, especially if you are stuck indoors all day.  I’m going to have to be more imaginative and that’s coming from a person with the same amount of imagination as a crushed peanut!  Mmmm, peanuts!