Bloggers Rool!

Bloggers Rool!We  Rock You!

We Will Rock You!

Not the Queen song ‘We will rock you’ but an offer from the host of my website.  The pitch wasn’t exactly we will rock you but the option to hire a specialist who could make my website more visible on search engines.

Let’s face it.  I hardly have a massive following and if you were to search for a topic I wrote about then you will find the result for my site around page 10.  Even if you entered the topic exactly and my web address the page will not appear on any of the top pages.  That’s because I don’t pay extra for the privilege and just hope that my friends read my posts and they recommend it to their friends.

That was the hope.  It doesn’t really work well.  It’s obvious that only a few people enjoy reading my posts and will regularly visit the site.  It’s quite strange as I have several hundred people who are registered to receive emails about new posts but most of them are spam.  If everyone who was registered to my site read my posts on a regular basis then my site would rank much higher and advertisers would be trying their hardest to get me to advertise their product on my site.

So, I had an offer for someone to make my site more ‘visible’.  As if it was invisible to begin with?  I’m pretty sure that it’s very visible to those that enter those magical letters, “”.  That’s not enough though.  I need that extra ‘zing’ to make the site more appealing to the masses.

Sod that!

This site is for me to post items that interest me.  Items that I find interesting and have an angle on.  According to blogging 101 I should be posting items more regularly.  Well, I’m screwed on that point mainly because I physically couldn’t.  Mentally either!  Not that I’m not mental, everyone who knows me can attest to that.  Sometimes I have great ideas for posts and then completely forget what I was going to write about.  A couple of hours later!  I have a short term memory that is worse than Swiss Cheese.

I have a notebook next to me so I can make notes whenever I have an idea.  I never use it.

I have a dictaphone next to me so I can just speak my mind and make notes of whatever great idea I have.  I never use it.  I don’t think the batteries are even charged!

Basically, I’m rubbish and no matter how good this ‘expert’ is at making my site more visible, he or she would have to be a miracle worker in order to achieve it.  I don’t write enough and I don’t write things that most people want to read about, such as leaked celebrity photographs of them nude and doing naughty things.  Why would I write about that when hundreds of other bloggers are doing just that.  What’s original about it?  What type of reader am I going to attract if I start writing posts like that?  I may as well be a reported for the Sun or the Sunday Sport!

Do I care that I’m not a famous blogger who has a following of millions?  Well, yes, I do but I also want to win the lottery and both of them have the same odds of happening.  It would be nice to know that the effort I put into my posts are appreciated, it isn’t easy for me to sit and write something, anything that is interesting.

So I will remain a small fish in a big pond of big fishes.  I have at least one loyal reader and that’s only because I make them read my blog!  I could add advertising and that would attract some more readers but I hate pages with ads floating about everywhere, that’s why I spent money on my own web site.

So, I’m not going to be ‘rocked’ and I will remain anonymous to the majority of reader who may well find my site interesting but will never know about it.  Such is life.  As long as the few readers I have enjoy my blogs then that’s all I’ll need.  If I ever win the lottery then I’ll hire someone to do the writing for me!  Well, probably not as I will be too busy laying around and doing nothing.

Just a minute!  I do that already!  Well, I can’t even have a silver lining to that bloody big cloud that hangs over me!  Typical.

So, what was the point of this blog.  It was a rant.  A whinge.  A something that wasn’t the usual thing I would write about.

Sorry about that.