Don’t you just hate remembering something later or even a rejoiner that would have been awesome if only you had thought of it at the time?  It’s the same with writing (if you really want to call these ramblings ‘writing’).  Sometimes I write something, read it through and think that it’s a wrap only to realise, sometime later, that I should have added something else that I had only just thought of.  But it’s too late.  The article has gone and millions of my avid fans (we can all dream) have already read it.

Just imagine how much philosophy we may have been deprived of because the great philosophers of history had written their great thoughts down for all to be impressed by and then, a while later, they think of something….. well, you can guess the rest.  To be fair, though, it’s not that easy to cut and paste when you’re using clay tablets to write on!

We call it an ‘afterthought’.  “An idea, thought or plan that was not originally intended but is thought of a time later.”  Why on earth do dictionaries have to be so difficult?  That was the quote from the Cambridge Concise Dictionary and to be honest, it wasn’t really that concise!  It’s something we thought of later.  Simplez!

But why do we have an afterthought?  Why does the word even exist?  What makes an afterthought different from a normal thought?  Why am I even writing about it?  Well, the reason why is because I experienced the phenomena and then wondered why we call it an afterthought.  I mean surely, it’s just a new thought (or is it a new think? Or just an idea?)  Just because it may be related to something that has already been done does not justify a different name?  It’s obvious that we cannot have a ‘beforethought’ or ‘priorthought’ as, apart from being impossible, they are still just thoughts.

I think that you will agree, that as an afterthought, this was a completely pointless post and it’s three minutes (approximately) of your life that has been wasted.  Or has it?  Now the thought is in your head you may start thinking about it.

Or you will think as I do.  A pointless post.