So, the BNP (British Nationalist Party), I mean, UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) have managed to get a seat in parliament.  Not that there was any doubt as the previous incumbent, Douglas Carswell, who quit the Conservative Party was popular with the voters in Clacton.  Carswell is a very intelligent man who never towed the Tory (Conservative Party) line and has been vociferous in his criticisms and condemnation of his own (previous) party’s policies.  However, the European elections revealed that UKIP has a significant following and if they can transfer the votes they managed to get for that into votes during the general election, early next year, then there is going to be hell to pay.  As an aside, there are very few non-white residents in Clacton!

Why have UKIP become so popular recently?  Farage (a good English name, that!) states that the people have become disillusioned with the ‘elitists’ in parliament but we have felt disenfranchised and disillusioned by Westminster for a long time now and the brow-beaten acceptance that what we want will never be what the government wants to do.

I believe that the answer is going to be unpalatable for a lot of people and most of us would deny it in public.  It could be considered racism and that’s why people won’t admit to it.  But we are a thriving, multicultural society I hear you say.  Aren’t we?

Our demographics are in a very bad way and we have learnt (the hard way) that you cannot expect a middle eastern or Asian society to adopt our way of life, our sociological expectations.  What has become apparent to many is that those who are coming to our country from the middle east or Asia are not conforming to our values.  They are bringing their values to our country and expecting us to accept them.  If we don’t, we are classed as racist.  Is that really fair?

The recent report by Alexis Jay about the Rochdale child sex ring  and the other similar incidents around the north of the country has brought the Pakistani community into the headlines once again.  This has subsequently brought the muslim faith into the fore and not just because of the sex scandals.  The wars in Syria and Iraq, the rise of the Islamic State and the number of muslim British citizens who have left this country to join the jihadist state has added fuel to an already smouldering fire.  To add insult to injury, it was revealed that the social services in Rochdale were aware of the abuse but were too afraid to say anything for fear of being branded racist.

The British government has always portrayed the United Kingdom as a successful multi-cultural society and say that we are better because of it.  Unfortunately that is not completely true.  There are rumours of institutional racism in our police force and we have had numerous racist attacks, race related riots and hate crimes against what we call ‘ethnic minorities’.  We are hardly ‘multi-cultural’ with nearly 90% of the population being white!  However, it is the 4.4% of the population that are possibly being blamed for the increased nationalism within the white population, but this has been slowly stewing over a number of years.  One of the first politicians to predict ethnic tensions due to immigration and anti-discrimination legislation was Enoch Powell in his speech in April 1968.  That speech is commonly referred to as the ‘rivers of blood‘ speech although that actual phrase was never used.

The United Kingdom is, what we commonly refer to as, a ‘western’ country with social norms and values of a mainly christian country.  We are classed as ‘white’ or Caucasian, “White skinned of European origin“.  When the government of the 1950’s encouraged members of the Caribbean to emigrate to Britain (World War 2 had resulted in a massive loss of males of working age in the population) there was hell to pay.  Britain has never been as bad as the ‘deep south’ of the United States but the black skin made the immigrants from the Caribbean stand out from society.  That said, they quickly accepted our way of life and our social norms.  At the time they were in no position to demand that their own sociological norms be accepted.

The fact is, we have sociological norms to which we all conform.  This has been the norm for so many years until recently when ‘Political Correctness’ was introduced in order that we don’t offend those who do not conform with what we consider the norm.  Why was that?  The whole country was afraid of being branded racist, even when they tried to change Christmas hardly a word was said.

Conversely, it has been alright for radical and extremist muslims to march and openly condemn the west and hope we all burn in hell.  Even preachers of hatred toward our western way of life were allowed to spout their propaganda and inciting what is basically treason.  This is allowed because we have ‘freedom of speech and freedom of expression’, as long as none of these ‘freedoms’ are used to criticise or accuse those from an ethnic minority.  If you do, you are branded a racist.

The rise of parties such as UKIP is a reflection of Britain’s frustration at the fact that our society has to compromise to other sociological norms from other countries and, as a result, we lose what we have considered normal for decades.  UKIP are taking advantage of these perceived national concessions and have struck a chord with the electorate.  At a time when the actions of the Islamic State are frequently reported and the murders of white British citizens, the muslim community has been viewed with suspicion.  This suspicion is further fuelled by the fact that a significant number of British muslims have gone over to Syria and Iraq to join the extremists in their fight.  Add to that the burning of the poppy (last year, I believe) by militant muslims, a slap in the face for the British society as the poppy is the symbol for remembrance for British personnel who have given their lives for their country.

These acts of ‘treason’ by a small number of militant and extremist muslims is not condoned or supported by the majority of British muslims.  Let’s not forget the thousands of muslims that fought for Britain in the first World War, against the orders of the Turkish Imam who declared that they rise up and attack us.  No matter what they say or do they are, to some degree, tarred with the same brush as that of the extremists.  No matter how much they may have supported Britain, the irrational white Britain is not going to take any of this into consideration as they become more right wing and, ironically, extremist themselves.

The danger of Britain becoming xenophobic as the government, in an attempt to curb support for UKIP, declare ‘caps’ on immigrants, especially those from the European Union, is a stark possibility.  Britain has already been branded inhumane by the United Nations due to their stance on the sea patrols in the Mediterranean.  Thousands of people try to cross from Egypt to Europe in order to have a better life and, at the moment, the Italian navy has been rescuing hundreds of them as their boats, unfit for a journey across the ‘Med’, capsize and sink.  The British government has refused to support that patrol sighting that the numerous rescues only entice more people to attempt the crossing.

At Calais, in France, there are thousands of illegal immigrants who risk their lives trying to get to Britain because they believe that their lives would be easier because of the benefit system.  France has requested that Britain take partial responsibility for these immigrants who have travelled across Europe in order to get to Britain.  UKIP have taken advantage of that situation in order to convince the more gullible amongst us that we are about to have an invasion of immigrants that will cause our benefit system and National Health Service to collapse and fail.

Are we becoming a nation of racists or has racism been simmering under the calm surface waiting to emerge?  Most of us don’t want our way of life to change because we have to acquiesce to the demands of those coming from other countries or be branded a racist but is the current situation fair?  I don’t consider myself a racist but I am fed up with the changes we have had to endure from when I was a child in the 1970s to how we have to behave nowadays.  I’m not religious but I still want to call Christmas ‘Christmas’ instead of ‘Happy Holidays’!  I can take a holiday any time I want and I hope it will be a happy time, but the 24th of December is Christmas Eve and the 25th is Christmas day.  If those of a different religion get offended by it then why did they come to a Christian country?  When Ramadan and Eid-al-Fitr are celebrated, I don’t make a fuss about it and state that I find it offensive.

If I find these points annoying then imagine the feelings of those who are more passionate about these things than I am!  UKIP want to take advantage of that and other points besides.  Are we going to be blinkered enough to let them?


This post may appear disjointed and the point somewhat lost.  In my defence it has taken me weeks to write it and I have hardly been 100% whilst doing so; barely 40% at the best of times!  I apologise for such terrible writing and considered not posting it at all.  I have no doubt that I have written parts that will be misunderstood due to my inability to articulate my thoughts accurately.  I apologise for any misunderstanding as a result.