managing-major-life-changeIsn’t it ironic that one of the only things that never changes is change?

Change is part of our lives that we generally learn to understand and then live with.  It is believed that the universe does not understand time as it is solely a human design and as the universe continues along it’s course, we experience the passage of time and changes.  Time changes.  Every nanosecond, picosecond, you could go as small as you like but within that tiny moment in time everything has changed in some way or another.  Even time.  But not change.

Well enough of that, I’m no scientist or philosopher and so I don’t delve into the deepest meaning of everything I write about.  We have all experienced change.  We change clothes, the weather changes (unless you’re in the UK and then it’s just constantly miserable) and the seasons change (refer back to UK comment) from Spring to Winter and back again.  Change is something accepted and expected.  The expectation of change is what makes it commonplace and something we barely even think about.  We can plan and forge some changes to comply with our own designs, in fact most of us are taught to manipulate our way through childhood toward adulthood with surprising ease.  The problems start when we don’t expect change.

The change when you are caught unawares.

The change when you have an accident.

The change when you lose someone dear to you.

It’s these changes that we can have problems with.  These are the changes we don’t plan and are thrust upon us, callously and sharply, as if it is having it’s revenge.

It is said that change can be a good thing, but it can also be personally excruciating.  It may be a small change that only affects you or a massive change that can affect all of us.  The massive changes are rare and we can plan contingencies in case they happen.  It’s the apparently small changes that affect us individually that we feel more intensely.  They are the more personal situations that others may sympathise with but don’t fully understand until or unless it happens to them.

For the majority of us, we cruise through life doing what needs to be done for our survival and for the survival of our companions, family and the like.  Some are lucky and only experience the change that is the result of time.  We live finite lives and eventually our time is up and it’s time for us to die.  We die because of the changes to our bodies and to die a natural death is considered a kindness.  However, sometimes there is a sudden change in our bodies that cause us to die prematurely.  This change will hurt those dearest to us and will be considered unfair.  But why is it unfair?  It’s just a change and we all expect changes.  Don’t we?

Most of us don’t experience the sudden changes that have severe consequences.  Most should consider themselves lucky.  Those that aren’t so lucky will experience changes that have an adverse effect on us; be it psychological, physiological or even both.

Change happens.  It affects us all in different ways and to varying degrees.  Some changes are good.  Some changes are natural.  Some changes are bad.  Change remains the same, impassive, relentless, surprising, expected and even dreaded.  It’s just change.

Change doesn’t change though.